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battery for Makita BL1430 BL1415 BL1440 BL1450 BL1460

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194065-3, 194066-1, BL1430

Battery Type: Li-ion

Voltage: 14.4v

Capacity: 3000mAh

Color: black

Dimension: = original

Product Type OEM

Rate: 40Wh

Weight: < original

Inventory: 194065-3, 194066-1, BL1430

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Compatible Part Numbers: 
194065-3, 194066-1, BL1430

    Makita BBO140,
    Makita BJN160,
    Makita BJR141Z, 
    Makita CF201DZW, 
    Makita DA340DRF, 
    Makita FS440D, 
    Makita GA400D, 
    Makita HP440DRFX, 
    Makita HR162DRFXW, 
    Makita LXLM03, 
    Makita LXPH02, 
    Makita LXRM01, 
    Makita LXRU01,
    Makita ML145,
    Makita MR050, 
    Makita TL060DRF, 
    Makita TS130DRFX

    Makita BCF Series
        BCF050, BCF201ZW

    Makita BCL Series
        BCL140, BCL140Z, BCL142, 

    Makita BDA Series
        BDA340, BDA340RFE, BDA340Z, BDA341, 
        BDA341RFE, BDA341Z

    Makita BDF Series 
        BDF343, BDF343RHEX, BDF343SHE, BDF343Z, 
        BDF440, BDF440SFE, BDF440Z, BDF441, 
        BDF441RFE, BDF441SFE, BDF441Z, BDF442, 
        BDF442RFE, BDF442Z, BDF444RFE, BDF444Z, 
        BDF446RFE, BDF446Z, BDF448

    Makita BFL Series 
        BFL201RZ, BFL301RZ, BFL402RZ 

    Makita BFR Series 
        BFR440, BFR440RFE, BFR440SFE, BFR540, 
        BFR540L, BFR540RFE, BFR540Z 

    Makita BFS Series 

        BFS440, BFS440RFE, BFS441RFE, BFS441Z

    Makita BFT Series 
        BFT041RZ, BFT082RZ, BFT124RZ

    Makita BGA Series 
        BGA450RFE, BGA450Z 

    Makita BHP Series 
        BHP343Z, BHP440, BHP440SFE, BHP440Z, 
        BHP441, BHP441RFE, BHP441SFE, BHP441Z, 
        BHP442, BHP442RFE, BHP444RFE, BHP444Z, 
        BHP446RFE, BHP446Z , BHP448

    Makita BHR Series 
        BHR162, BHR162RFE, BHR162SFE, BHR162Z 

    Makita BJV Series 
        BJV140, BJV140RF, BJV140RFE, BJV140Z 

    Makita BML Series 
        BML145, BML184, BML800, BML801,

    Makita BMR Series
        BMR050, BMR100

    Makita BPT Series 
        BPT350RFE, BPT350Z

    Makita BSS Series 
        BSS500RFE, BSS500Z 

    Makita BST Series 
        BST110RFE, BST220RFE

    Makita BTD Series 
        BTD130F, BTD130FRFE, BTD130FSFE, BTD130FSFER, 
        BTD130FSFEW, BTD130FW, BTD130FZ, BTD130SFE, 
        BTD132RFE, BTD133RFE, BTD133Z, BTD134D, 
        BTD134RFE, BTD134Z, BTD135, BTD135Z, 

    Makita BTL Series 

        BTL060RFE, BTL060Z

    Makita BTP Series 
        BTP130, BTP130RFE, BTP130SFE, BTP130Z, 
        BTP131, BTP131Z 

    Makita BTS Series 
        BTS130, BTS130RFE, BTS130SFE, BTS130Z

    Makita BTW Series 
        BTW152, BTW152Z, BTW250, BTW250RFE, 

    Makita BVR Series 
        BVR340, BVR440

    Makita BUC Series
        BUC121, BUC121RFE, BVC340, 

    Makita DF Series 
        DF440DRFX, DF440DRFXW

    Makita KP Series 
        KP140DRF, KP140DZ

    Makita LXDT Series 
        LXDT03, LXDT03Z

    Makita MUH Series 
        MUH301DRF, MUH301DZ, MUH351D, MUH351DRF, 

    Makita MUS Series
        MUS103D, MUS153D

    Makita ST Series
        ST120D, ST420D 

    Makita TD Series 
        TD130D, TD130DRFX, TD130DRFXR, TD130DRFXW, 
        TD130DZ, TD131D, TD131DRFX, TD131DRFXR, 
        TD131DRFXW, TD131DZ, TD132D, TD132DRFX, 
        TD132DRFXB, TD132DRFXW, TD132DZ, TD133DRFX, 
        TD133DRFXB, TD133DRFXL, TD133DRFXP, TD133DRFXW, 
        TD134DRFX, TD134DRFXB, TD134DRFXL, TD134DRFXP, 

    Makita TP Series 
        TP130DRFX, TP131DB, TP131DRFX, TP131DRFXB, 

    Makita TW Series 

        TW152D, TW152DRFX, TW152DZ

    Makita UB Series
        UB142D, UB143D

    Makita UC Series
        UC121D, UC121DRF 

    Makita VR Series
        VR340D, VR440D

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